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Nightlock Patio for Sliding Glass Doors

Nightlock Patio for Sliding Glass Doors

$ 45.00

 Sliding glass doors can be a beautiful addition to any home. When they open up to a peaceful patio and lush backyard they can be an attractive feature to any homeowner.

They are also a favorite entry point for intruders.

The challenge for homeowners, and the appeal to intruders, is that these doors can be difficult to secure and often open up into very vulnerable parts of the home such as master bedrooms.

The NIGHTLOCK Patio offers the peace of mind that traditional security measures cannot. Unlike an adjustable bar brace or broomstick in the door, NIGHTLOCK Patio anchors securely to the ground and uses the strength of the floor to keep your sliding door securely shut.

The NIGHTLOCK Patio was designed to prevent unwanted entry through your sliding glass patio doors, a favorite entry point for intruders. Unlike the classic broom stick or portable adjustable bar brace, the NIGHTLOCK Patio is anchored securely to the floor. Using the strength of the floor, the NIGHTLOCK Patio is the perfect solution.

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I have a monitored burglar alarm system, so why do I need NIGHTLOCK?

A burglar alarm is just one layer of a comprehensive home security system. Burglar alarms do not keep intruders out of your home—and once an intruder is in your home, you and your family are in danger. The NIGHTLOCK is designed to keep intruders out of your home in the first place.

Is the NIGHTLOCK easy to install or will I need to call a locksmith to install it for me?

The NIGHTLOCK is very easy to install and use. Initial installation takes just a few minutes and securing the NIGHTLOCK when you go to bed at night is simple, just slide in the handle.

I already have a deadbolt and a chain lock on my front door, so why do I also need NIGHTLOCK?

Deadbolt and chain locks are only as good as the frames to which they’re attached. Most of these locks are attached to flimsy door frames and wood trim. This makes it easy for burglars to kick in the door regardless of the quality of the lock.

But the NIGHTLOCK is anchored securely to the floor, literally barricading your entry doors shut and making entry door kick-ins virtually impossible. By using the power of leverage to secure the door, the NIGHTLOCK can withstand tremendous force and provide maximum home security.

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