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Complete Crystal Poi Set with Masses

Complete Crystal Poi Set with Masses

$ 75.00

  • Complete LED Poi Set with Masses
  • Flow Toy Brand Crystal Casing Flow Poi Set
  • 2 Crystal Flow Light Cases
  • 2 Masses
  • 2 leashes (flowcord, flowleash, and swiveled flowloop handles)
  • Super durable, crystal Flow light cases provide padding, and protect your Flow Lights from impact.
  • In addition, the casings diffuse the light, making it appear much brighter than it actually is.
  • 100% Authentic Flow Toy Brand Crystal Flow Poi.
  • Weight per casing with Flow Light and Mass= 95 grams
  • Includes any two lights of your choice! Select your colors above!
Introducing flow light crystal casings by GloFX! These crystal casings are a soft light-weight cover that entirely encases the flowlight. The casing protects your flow lights from hard impact and actually diffuses your lights to make them brighter! A must have for any flow toy poi enthusiast. The added mass allows for variable weights between your lights as needed. Reusable, Durable LED glowstick that runs on 1 AAA battery. Great for glowsticking, performance, martial arts, concerts, bicycling, Poi, camping, safety, mood lighting, fashion accessory or anything the mind can think of! Get all your gear in one place with our complete flow poi set with masses by GloFX!  

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