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Adorable Large Artifact of Resin Bull Dog with Boe Tie

Adorable Large Artifact of Resin Bull Dog with Boe Tie

$ 85.00

  • This cute piece measures 11.22 inch (W) x 7.09(D) inch x 12.6(H) inch
  • Greenish Black color in appearance
  • Best to keep as a decorative item on the shelf

The resin bull dog piece reflects its bossy attitude. One look at the piece and any one can say that it can't be cutest than this! The appearance in the first look itself is appealing. It has a shiny surface in greenish black color. The resin Bull dog is the sitting position with its face straight. The prominent aspect about this piece is that the Bull Dog has been carved such that it shows clothes on its body. It's visible that a Coat is wrapped around its body with a Bow Tie in its neck. The head is big with mustache like structure on its face. It's crafted so beautifully that it looks real! Isn't it?

The best place to display artifact can be the living room. Let the visitors to your place feel the charming effect of Bull Dog! It can be an Ideal gift that you can plan to give to your friends and family. Who wouldn't like to possess such a cute Bull dog piece!

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