FREE SHIPPING for the 50 States. What you see is what you pay. We no longer offer international shipping.
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Domestic Shipping:

All small parcels/packages that are sold to an address within the 50 states of America have the shipping costs included in the price. The only exclusion to this is for anyone who purchases an item that designates "Freight Shipping."

Freight shipping requires that the item is transported with a semi due to the size and/or weight. Typically we have included the general freight charges in the price. HOWEVER, there may be additional charges if the purchaser needs to use the lift gait OR additional fees outside of the freight haul are incurred.


We are no longer offering international shipping.


U.S. Territories are areas overseen by the U.S. government. However, they have not be given 'state' status nor representation within the governing bodies.

International- All addresses outside of the 50 U.S. borders and territories.

LTL- Less than a load freight. A semi is used to deliver an item that does not take up the entire trailer. There are additional fees for delaying the driver beyond the designated offload period (generally 2 hours). In addition, a customer may incur additional charges from using the lift gait.

The lift gait is a hydraulic gate on the back of the semi trailer that brings freight down to the ground level. This is important for heavy loads than can't be transferred to a pickup truck or down to the ground safely. Moreover, the lift gait is important for anyone who does not have access to a docking bay for offloading.